Mister Money needs your help! He’s composed entirely out of the cash of hardworking Americans, but devious tax collectors and sneaky robbers are trying to take that cash away. Use Mister Money’s coin gun to eliminate enemies, but make sure not to hit your friendly investors. Use upgrades and propaganda to increase your power and wealth! Can you help Mister Money realize his dream of becoming a billionaire? 

WASD or arrow keys to move
Mouse to aim, click to shoot
1 to upgrade coin gun
2 to purchase propaganda

Your goal: To get a billion dollars!

Investors give you money for free! They deposit coins around the bank for you to pick up. By purchasing propaganda, you can exploit more investors for more money. But be careful not to shoot and kill them, or you’ll be facing a costly lawsuit. 

Tax Collectors:
Tax collectors want your hard-earned money for the betterment of society. Ew! Make sure they don’t get too close or you’ll lose a big chunk of your earnings. Lose all of your money, and it’s game over! But by shooting and eliminating tax collectors, you can seize their money in return! 

Robbers try to plunder the vaults at the heart of your bank. Eliminate them before they escape to keep your vaults intact. If you lose all three of your vaults, it’s game over!

Gun upgrades increase the damage and fire rate of your gun. But be careful, because better guns use more expensive coins!
Propaganda increases the amount of investors that come to Mister Money’s bank, as well as the amount that they deposit. 

That’s it! Have fun


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