Let's hit the beaches in the craziest hula competition ever! How many style points can you earn with your slick hooping-to-the-beat skills?? Just don't get knocked out by your fellow beachgoers! Man, so many people on their phones... and loose dogs... this might be tough, but I believe in you! You're gonna rock this with some sweet sweet hip swings!


Welcome to Hula Hype! Try to keep your hula hoop going. Keep a good rhythm and pick up items to gain style points. Watch your hoop meter and try to keep it up. If your hoop goes down, it's game over! Also avoid bumping into pedestrians or stepping on crabs, as it is not very stylish and may knock your hoop down. See how many style points you can get!

WASD to move
Tap the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to the rhythm to keep your hula hoop up.

A graphic will appear in the top left corner of your screen when you're playing. A hula hoop will rotate left and right over a dotted line to show you which side your hoop is on. When one side of the hoop touches the dotted line, tap the arrow key on that side.
Look at the graphic when you're not sure which arrow key to hit, but use your ears to keep the rhythm. Otherwise, you might step on an unsuspecting crab while you're not looking!

Watch out for people, dogs, crabs and umbrellas! Don't collide with them!

Good luck!

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 47

NOTE: Mac version is untested.

NOTE: For best experience in web build, play in full screen.


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