The world of MagicLand is in chaos! Evil forces have stolen the magical Book of Spells, making it impossible for civilians to practice magic. But all is not lost! With your special powers, you can sneak into the evil lair, find the Book, and return magic back to MagicLand.

Your character has two forms: Rogue and Brute. As the Rouge, you can use magic spells to deceive and sneak past enemies. The Brute is less agile, but can use his attacking skills to defeat enemies in his way.

However, be careful, as your spells are limited! You must pick up spell icons to gain spell abilities.


A and D or arrow keys to move

W, space or up arrow to jump

Q to switch between character forms

Esc to pause/restart

As the Rogue:

E to spawn a duplicate (distracts enemies)

Right click to place teleport, left click to teleport (cannot teleport through walls)

F to go invisible (enemies will not detect you)

As the Brute:

E to smash nearby enemies

Left-click to fire fireballs

There are three types of enemies:

Sentries don’t move, but they are always on the lookout! Their lasers will fry you to bits. Don’t move in their line of sight as the rouge, or be prepared for a quick death!

Goblins fire energy balls from their massive stomachs. Need I say more?

Ghouls move back and forth to patrol large areas. Don’t get too close, because they bite!

That’s all! Now it’s time for YOU to save the day!


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